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Bridal Fair 2012

On Sunday, November 4th 2012 Amity Wine and Spirit, Co. will be at the Orange Chamber of Commerce Bridal Fair 2012 at the Racebook Country Club in Orange, CT. We want you all to know the amazing Bridal services Amity Wines offers- many of which you probably never even knew about! Here at Amity Wines, you can get: In-home Bachelor and Bachelorette Wine Tasting Parties! Don't want to get too crazy at your big party? Fantastic! We will come … [Read more...]

Ardbeg Goes to Space

Wow. Just wow. Ardbeg went to SPACE. Scotch in Space. I'll let that simmer for a minute. Are we good? Good. I was utterly blown away when I heard the story of Ardbeg's adventure in space. Here's how it went down. Ardbeg was invited by NanoRacks LLC, a US based space research group, to send vials of 'terpenes' (a set of chemicals which are very widespread in nature and often very aromatic and flavor-active) as well as other molecules up into … [Read more...]

10th Annual Wine and Beer Tasting

Looking for something fun to do on Thursday, October 25th from 6-9p? Want to support local charities? Awesome! Join us at Anthony's Ocean View in New Haven CT for a Beer and Wine tasting that will knock your socks off. Enjoy Anthony's famous hot & cold appetizers, desserts and more along with some of Amity Wine and Spirit, Co favorite beer, wine and spirits. Tickets are $40 each (a bargain- seriously!) All proceeds go to the New Haven Lions … [Read more...]

Winemaker Dinner with Michael Keenan

** Due to Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast - Michael Keenan was forced to cancel this dinner event ** Join us on Thursday, November 1st 2012 for a once in a lifetime Winemaker Dinner with Michael Keenan of Keenan Vineyards. Famous for their Merlot, Cabernet and Chardonnay varietals, Keenan Vineyards is one of California's fastest growing and most evolving wineries. Enjoy a five course meal at The Capital Grille in Stamford, CT, with each … [Read more...]

Winemaker Tasting with Ken Forrester

Oh, Ken Forrester. You had me at "Cheers!" What. A. Night. South African Winemaker legend Ken Forrester joined us for his only Connecticut appearance, leading a group of 50 excited guests in tasting 7 of his most delicious wines. The room was enthralled by his magnetism, and his wine? Yeah, that was amazing too. Let's talk about it! Up first was a surprise write-in to the tasting - the Ken Forrester Sauvignon Blanc. He brought this one on his … [Read more...]

90 Plus Wines – A Winner in Every Bottle

This is a really neat concept. Award-winning, high quality wine at a fraction of its original cost. How do they do it? It's pretty straight-forward, actually. Here's the story. Remember 2009? Things were bad. The economy was tanking, jobs were being cut left and right, and the mood was less than cheerful. People were hardly looking to bring a $50 bottle of wine to the dinner party anymore. But just because you can't afford the best doesn't … [Read more...]

Have your Cupcake and Eat One Too!

On behalf of Amity Wine & Spirit, Co, we apologize for everyone's missed opportunity to enjoy custom made cupcakes with the Cupcake Truck of New Haven, and Cupcake Wines.   Thank you sincerely to those that showed up expecting the cupcake to happen without a hitch.  We have been advised the Cupcake Truck of New Haven experienced a catastrophic mechanical failure that prevented them from being able to show.  Furthermore we apologize to those … [Read more...]