2013 Pere Caboche Declassified CDP White

pere-caboche-declassified-cdp-white-bt2013 Pere Caboche Declassified CDP White
Only $9.99/bottle ($119.88/case)

Arriving in store on Friday, April 4, 2014! Now in Stock! You may order by contacting Jim Boyrer directly at 203-397-9463 or jimb@blog.amitywines.com.

It’s BACK! And just in time, as it looks like mother nature will be giving us a break (although Monday morning one would not have thought that).

The 2013 Pere Caboche declassified CDP White is COMING in Friday. YOU ALL KNOW THE WINE! And I know you have been waiting. And I am so excited. We have sold out of this wine on the last TWO releases and many wanted more and we could not provide due to the limited production.

We have been able to secure the lions share this year as we sold close to 80+ cases last year. I was begging, borrowing and almost stealing from anywhere I could get my hands on it to fulfill orders (don’t wait that long, may not last) before the well finally ran dry.

Those of you that know me know that I am not a huge proponent of white wine, but even the lightest of Pinot Noirs from my cellar and the coldest of beers may just not cut it on the warmest of days. When I needed to go to a white wine the last couple summers, this is where I went. It was PERFECT on many an occasion.

A long time supplier and great friend of mine (thx again Rich) turned me on to this 2 years ago and said it was a must try. I agreed. We bought 35-40 cases and sold out in DAYS! Last year we doubled that.
I tried the new vintage last night, and am so excited it has landed! Will be in house by THIS FRIDAY.

This is an AWESOME spring/summer wine, a CDP (Chateauneuf-du-Pape) WHITE for $10 Bucks! Seriously a NO BRAINER.

A little history –
As the mayor of the village of Chateauneuf du Pape, Jean Pierre Boisson has a particular interest and longstanding family tradition in winemaking and the region. The Boisson Family is very well known for making one of the best Chateauneuf du Pape Red & Blanc in the Rhone Valley.

Every year he makes a very small amount of this declassified CDP, about 250 cases this vintage. And this wine hardly EVER gets to this side of the pond.

The grapes are all from the same vineyard and the wine is made by the same wine maker. To top it off the blend is exactly the same as the Chateauneuf du Pape white.

This refreshingly oak-free white is one of the best around. It is made from a blend 40% Bourboulenc, 25% each of Clairette and Grenache Blanc and 5% each of Picpoul and Roussanne and is fresh, clean and fruity with subtle citrus aromas and a bright, zesty finish.

This wine will be AMAZING around the pool this summer, at the bbq, or at the dinner table. The ultimate quaffer.

A 200-ish case production of a “declassified” CDP, really?? (For definition’s sake, appellation contrôlée rules for wine in France maintain that only a certain volume of wine can be produced each year with a specific label. Any excess production must be sold under a broader appellation (region/area) or as “declassified wine”, therefore at a lower price.  The quiet understanding of “declassified” is that we are drinking wine that has been made with the same juice, care and expertise from the same area).

How could you not get excited, and get on the wagon!!! I know most of you were asking for more last year after you experienced it, so now is the time!! I’m stoked I am able to offer this wine once again. Truly amazing!

We have a nice allotment of cases coming in FRIDAY of this little beauty and more on HOLD. But what sounds like a lot really isn’t, as we sold over 40 cases in a couple days last year and at $120 a case I can’t urge you enough to grab a box or two while supplies last!!

Thank you as always for the continued support, and I look forward to hearing from you!