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Deals & Steals – February 25, 2013

Welcome back to our "Weekly Wine Deals & Steals" - We love putting these together, and introducing you to wines you maybe never tried, or possibly forgot about!  We have some special ones selected this week, and encourage you to give it a try.  Of course, they're ALL great wines, but we are most interested in knowing what YOU prefer.  Keep in touch by sending us an email, calling, or using any one of our contact forms, and telling us YOUR … [Read more...]

Pink Champagne Tasting – With ArtBra

Back in 2012, you might of seen unique and artistic posters, or even heard about ArtBra New Haven and the work they do to raise money and awareness "To provide emotional and financial support to the under- & uninsured breast-cancer patients in the Greater New Haven region." Their hard work yielded great success, and they're marching on toward more. To supplement the wait until their 3rd event year, ArtBra New Haven is having a much … [Read more...]

Deals & Steals – February 19, 2013

Welcome to the second "Weekly Deals & Steals" internet promotion. Thank you all for stopping in the store and picking up wines from last weeks email. This week the owner of Amity Wine & Spirit, Co. has hand-selected 10 (ten) more wines for your enjoyment, at-our-cost. No joke, he literally hand-selected them. Maybe next time I'll try video recording the selection process... For now, please check out the wines this week, and the notes … [Read more...]

The Inside Track – A Wine Club

Let's talk about Wine of the Month Clubs for a moment. When our research team got together to address the need for a Wine Club offering to our customers, we compared all the options consumers have and found a winning combination that meets expectations and delivers exceptional quality to you. With our wine of the month club, "The Inside Track", you will receive 3 wonderful bottles of wine that come in simple packaging with tasting notes, ratings … [Read more...]

Deals & Steals – February 11, 2013

So you heard about the "Weekly Deals & Steals" emails that launch on Monday morning?  That's right, every week we will feature approximately 10 wines that have been reduced to our cost.  This means incredible savings for you, but don't delay.  The pricing on these products is only good for one week until our next batch of products is announced. We just appreciate keeping in touch, and our Email Newsletter Members receive this news first on … [Read more...]

Weekly Wine Deals & Steals

There's no big secret that Monday's aren't the most pleasant day of the week.  To be completely honest, we would love the opportunity to make them ROCK.  Since we can't exactly pay your mortgage we all agreed on the next-best-thing.  An early week that sets the pace by turning Monday frowns upside down.  Who doesn't love lower prices? Weekly Wine Deals & Steals could potentially bring that smile to your face.  For our debut week we … [Read more...]