90 Plus Wines – A Winner in Every Bottle

This is a really neat concept. Award-winning, high quality wine at a fraction of its original cost. How do they do it? It’s pretty straight-forward, actually. Here’s the story.

Remember 2009? Things were bad. The economy was tanking, jobs were being cut left and right, and the mood was less than cheerful. People were hardly looking to bring a $50 bottle of wine to the dinner party anymore. But just because you can’t afford the best doesn’t mean you don’t want it, right? That’s what Kevin Mehra figured out when he started 90+ Wine Cellars. He started calling around to wineries that had 90+ rated wines and asked if they had any wine leftover. Some were less than receptive, but the ones who were game for it sold Kevin their leftover wine at a fraction of the original price. It made more sense than degrading their brand with heavy discounts and close-out prices.

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Once the wine was in Kevin’s hands, he repackaged it under the “90+ Wine Cellars” brand name and sold it for considerably less than its original selling price. The result is a guaranteed delicious, high quality wine at an affordable price. Genius, right? Mad you didn’t think of it first, right? No? Just me? Anyway, you can’t go wrong when you pick up a bottle of 90+. And if you find a batch you like, you’d better buy it all up quick. Each winery only sells 90+ Wine Cellars a limited amount of wine. This is not something that can be re-ordered when it sells out. When it’s gone, it’s gone. So if the Batch 68 Pinot Noir lights your fire- purchase every bottle you can get your Pinot lovin’ hands on.