Amity Wines Online

For years now, staff and customers have been used to visiting for their online wine and spirits shopping.  As technology matures and times change, Amity Wine & Spirit, Co wanted to bring you the latest and greatest shopping experience.  It’s my intention to make Amity Wine & Spirit, Co the most incredible online shopping experience in the industry … nationwide.

Amity Wine & Spirit, Co has been serving Connecticut area customers for over 40 years.  This success existed before the internet, and before computer.  A time when our grandfathers’ walked customers to their exact product, and were on a first name basis with returning customers.   We know there are other Connecticut liquor stores and package stores available to you, but we would love our customers to WANT to visit us.

You may not know this but it’s the State of Connecticut that sets the minimum liquor prices.  What does that mean for you?  It means all the liquor pricing is BASICALLY the same.  Everyone wants to offer the lowest price, but Connecticut makes sure to keep the playing field level (for the customer).  So what will matter then is your shopping experience.  Amity Wine & Spirit, Co has thrived over the years knowing this, that you the customer, are the most important part of this business.

I’d like to bring some attention to or what I frequently call the “Dot-NET”.  This is our way of bringing you the latest news on products, and events along with visually pleasing images so you clearly recognize what you’re seeking when you visit our locations in New Haven, CT or Hamden, CT.

You can complete your online shopping experience by placing orders on or what I call the “Dot-COM”.  These two web addresses belong to Amity Wine & Spirit, Co and we will keep them operational and “linked together”  so you can get to your desired products fast and easy.

Remember, as we grow, upgrade, and evolve we are gathering all your feedback and suggestions.  You’re always invited to Contact Us or call during regular business hours:   1.866.406.9463

Finally, we encourage you to opt-in to newsletters, and mailings.  We love to keep in touch, and hope you will appreciate the deals, specials, close-outs, and perks that come from being our subscriber.