Online Store Relaunch! All Prices Marked Down!

Late last week, Amity Wine and Spirit Co. quietly relaunched our online store to no fanfare whatsoever. We are working on a number of improvements but just could not wait any longer to turn the site back on and tell you all about it. Before you get too excited, keep in mind that things are still being setup and fine tuned so you may find things changing by the minute.

That said, just about every product that is available to us from our distributor network is listed online and is available for purchase, except for beer. Sorry about that beer lovers, you’re time will come as we expect to have our beer selection online in the near future. As we continue to go through and clean up our data, not every product that is listed on the site will actually be available to ship, particularly the rare and hard to come by items. If you are looking for these items, you know what they are.

As for our prices, right now every product listed on the website is (supposed to be) marked down as low as legally possible in the state of Connecticut. These prices are WEB ONLY and are NOT available on items purchased in the stores. You can order online for store pickup, but you cannot walk into the store and buy at these low web only prices. These prices will not stay this low for long so I urge you to do your shopping right away.

We welcome your feedback and input on the site and the changes we have coming. If there is something you would like to see on the site, shoot me an email at support @ and tell me all about it. I’ll see what I can do.


Pricing Note: For those of you who did not know, the state of Connecticut sets the minimum price at which liquor can sold in the state. It is illegal to sell alcohol for less that that set price. Stores are allowed to mark one product per month at 10% below minimum bottle price, however.