Are You Ready for Some Beer?

Or, you know, some FOOTBALL? I, for one, am pumped for this football season. I won’t tell you all who I’m rooting for (but it rhymes with Schmuffalo Schmills.) Football Sundays are the perfect excuse to kick back, stay in pajamas all day, munch on your favorite naughty foods and drink your favorite beers!

In my house, football Sundays mean Peroni, Heineken or Sam Adams. I know- we’re a very diverse household. Equal opportunity imbibers, I like to say. There’s no right or wrong beer to drink during a game. Whatever gets you in the spirit and helps you send those magical winning thoughts to your team on 3rd and goal- that’s the beer for you.

Did you know that Bud Light is the new official beer of the NFL? They paid $1.2 Billion to takeover for Coors Light. Might seem crazy, but if you’ve ever attended an NFL game, you know that the official beers are heavily promoted. And at $8 a pop they’re making a pretty nice profit margin. Now, is Bud Light what I think of when I think of the NFL? Meh, not exactly. Football is so hardcore and Bud Light is…well, light. What do you think? What should be the official beer of the NFL? What are you cracking open on the first Football Sunday of the year?

Whatever you fancy, I’d be willing to bet we have it in stock down at Amity Wine and Spirit, Co. Looking for a hard to find beer? Happy Football Season!