It Just Got Kinky in Here

Okay, that's not entirely grammatically correct. Perhaps it should read: "We just received a shipment of brand-new Kinky Liqueur here at Amity Wines in New Haven, CT." Same thing, right? I'm not going to lie- I was pretty excited to try this. And not just because it's Kinky (well, partly) but also because I am a woman, and the packaging for this is spot-on. I could immediately picture it as a perfect Bridal Shower gift, in a gift box with … [Read more...]

Skinnygirl – Breaking the Mold

Ladies- our fantasies have come true, and we owe it all to Bethenny Frankel. Let's all take a moment to send her a silent "Thank You." Because of Ms. Frankel, we can now enjoy ready to drink cocktails, flavored vodkas and even wine (!) with zero guilt. This full range of products opens up a whole new world to us 'skinnygirls'- whether we already are or long to be one. Shop for Skinny Girls products at Here's how the calories … [Read more...]

Christian Audigier Vodka

When it comes to taste, and style, there's a name that should ring familiar.  Christian Audigier.  This vodka is made in France, entirely from French wheat. A unique filtration process paired with pure water give this vodka a light, delicate and smooth taste.  Looking to try something new, or seeking out that unique gift for friend - Christian Audigier Vodka has a stylish bottle, but what's inside is far beyond wonderful. Christian Audigier, … [Read more...]

Maker’s Mark Bourbon 46 New Expression

A high quality bourbon that's stronger and more bold than the original Maker's Mark.   Enjoy it's rich, creamy seared-oak flavor.   You can feel the vanilla and caramel temptations lingering on the front of the palate, but ever so soft on your tongue even at a staggering 94 proof.  The oaky finish is huge and mouth watering.   There's never a bitter bite often times found in older whiskies. Have you tried Maker's Mark 46 yet?   One of our … [Read more...]