Celebrate 2013 Responsibly

What a wild year.  Like all of the years before, we experienced joy, sadness, regrets, pride, happiness, and more.  We’ve greeted new friends, and said goodbye to many.  Regardless of what transpired in 2012, the fact remains that 2013 is on the way, and worth celebrating a new year.  Who knows what 2013 has for us, but celebrating responsibly is a sure way to welcome in the new year, safely.

Amity Wine & Spirit, Co. is very grateful for your patronage throughout the year, and we wanted to remind everyone to celebrate responsibly.  We realize that without our customers we wouldn’t exist.  We care about each of our customers and truly hope to see you in our stores throughout 2013.  Thank you so much for your understanding and patience.  Thank you for trusting in our staff recommendations, and all the wine customers taking their new or continued journeys through the world of wines, by sampling at our tastings, or trying a new varietal.

Many thanks to our beer customers who have joined the Craft Beer Revolution, trying new unique and original brews to expand horizons.  Thank you for listening to our staff recommendations, and checking out all the new selections – some of which are so limited and rare you maybe didn’t get a chance to try it.  What a great thing that’s happening with beers in 2012, and 2013.  A special thanks to our pal whom we lean heavy on –  CraftBrewGuy –  who has brought us a ton of great knowledge and updates from the Craft Beer World, including the buzz and popular favorites from the interwebs, locally, and throughout the USA.

To our customers that shop spirits most frequently…  what can we say besides thank you!?   We know you could get your vodka, rums, gins, tequila, scotch, and the rest anywhere in the world.   You make us very happy by visiting us, asking questions, and listening to our recommendations for your particular celebration, or event.  From the old favorites to the new amazing (and sometimes bizarre) flavors of spirits, rest assured in 2013 we will continue to bring the very best products, not just the most popular.

2012 was a great year for Amity Wine & Spirit, Co, but we are all excited about 2013, and the ever-increasing trending of the Craft Beer Revolution, and the increasing interest and our customers’ journey into the wine world.  It’s nice to see the younger 21-somethings coming in to pair wines with foods, gifting wines, and taking a genuine interest.   Can’t help but smile when the drinking-aged college students veer off towards the wine section more frequently than they head to beers.  It’s also a joy to see customers asking questions about craft beers, and leaving with informed choices, instead of *just* the big familiar names.

With everything considered, we simply want you all to come back.  We have all the beverages you love, and hope you continue to build a long meaningful relationship with us.   It’s been our honor to serve you, assist, and help you to remember that Amity Wine & Spirit, Co is still the very best place to go, for over 40 years.

Celebrate 2013 Responsibly.