Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka

It’s probably one of the most inquired about products that we carry- Ciroc Ultra Premium Vodka. Why? Well, it could be that it is one of the world’s only vodkas distilled entirely from grapes. It could be the laborious five-distillation process that each batch of Ciroc goes through to give it a luxurious, smooth taste. Or, it could just be that you heard about it from Sean Combs. At any rate- it’s popular. And for good reason.

Ciroc broke the mold when they used grapes to create their vodka. You see, unlike grain, grapes don’t need heat to release their sugars, so Ciroc is able to use cold maceration, cold fermentation and cold storage, which protects the flavor and fruitfulness of the vodka. Each batch is distilled five times, the fifth and final time taking place in the gorgeous setting of the Cognac countryside, in copper pots just like they used to. You can taste the quality, time and love that goes into each bottle.

Then there’s Sean Combs. He was brought on to help market the brand. His lifestyle- the luxury, quality and yes, even extravagance- spoke to the vision that the makers of Ciroc had from the beginning. He helped them show people that this is a special vodka. This is a vodka for someone looking for something out of the ordinary. His name attached to the brand brought mass market appeal.

So for whatever the reason, Ciroc is one of our most popular vodkas. Curious as to what the hype is all about? Give it a try. One sip it, and you’ll get it.