John Heffernan, Master of Whisky

Amity Wine and Spirit, Co cordially invites you to an evening with John “LJ” Heffernan, Master of Whisky for Diageo. Join as he leads you in tasting fine Scotches, all while giving you the story behind the Scotch. If you are familiar with John Heffernan, I probably don’t need to say anything else to convince you to come. If you are not, please allow me to give you a little bit of John Heffernan’s background.

John Heffernan has always been proud of his Celtic heritage and is eager to share his passion for that culture with others. “There is nothing more exciting than teaching people about my two loves: history and whisky, and being a Master of Whisky allows me to do what I love and love what I do.” he says. During his training to become a Master of Whisky for Diageo, Heffernan gained firsthand experience of the whisky-making processes across Scotland, Ireland and North America.

Heffernan served as a Diageo Whisky Ambassador for 12 years before accepting the title of Master of Whisky for the Washington DC area for the past 2 years. He now covers the Northeast area where he educates bartenders, restaurant owners and consumers about the history and nuances that make up the world of Scotch, Irish, American and Canadian Whiskies.

Heffernan vividly remembers the moments that shaped his love of whisky. He says the most memorable was “trying my first chilled whisky at the Royal Lochnagar Distillery in 1998.” His favorite role as Master of Whisky is to help people discover their favorite whisky and really understand why they love it. “I always get excited to share this experience wtih others and see their faces turn from puzzled to enlightened,” says Heffernan.

The tasting series for the night includes (but is not limited to!): Johnny Walker Green, Gold and Blue, Oban and Talisker’s Distiller’s Editions, and Lagavulin Reserve. There could always be a few surprises, too! Please call Jim Boyrer at 203.397.9463 to RSVP. We look forward to seeing you!

Event:  November 27th, 2012  6pm-8pm | Amity Wine & Spirit, Co. tasting room | No Charge For This Event – Suggested Donations Accepted For JCC – NEW HAVEN