Kegs Rentals

Amity Wine & Spirit, Co wants to rent you kegs in Connecticut.  Located conveniently in New Haven, and Hamden, CT our keg rentals can be filled with just about any beer you want, and Amity can make it happen for you.  We deliver large keg orders to you or prepare your order for pickup.  You aren’t stuck with that big commercial beer either. Specialty kegs are more fun anyway. Half Kegs, Quarter Kegs or Logs can be filled with the good stuff.  Contact us with several days notice for best results, and let us know what you would like in your Keg.

Keg Order Facts With Amity Wines & Spirit, Co.

  • Need it for the weekend?  Call by Thursday 5pm EST at the very latest. (We highly recommend calling ahead to reserve)
  • $30 Deposit on all kegs
  • $50 Deposit on Domestic Taps
  • $100 Deposit on Imported Taps
  • Deposits will be refunded in the manner paid
  • KEEP and BRING your receipts as well as the keg tag!

Staff will assist in loading your vehicle but bring friends if you wish, they might want to pick up some extras themselves while visiting our store locations.

Most keg orders can be classed in one of 3 categories:

  • Budget Kegs – usually start at approximately $60 – $80
  • Popular Kegs – usually start at approximately $80 – $120
  • Premium Kegs – usually start at approximately $80 – $200+

To Begin Your Order:

  • Call or stop into any Amity Wine & Spirit, Co. location (New Haven, CT or Hamden, CT)
  • Decide on your price range or beer brand and size of keg
  • We will take all your information and contact the appropriate Distributor immediately to check availability and delivery times
  • Keg will be ordered and kept fresh and cold until your pickup date.
  • Pickup your keg, fill out the sales slip, and enjoy your celebration.

Keg Tips:

  • Call ahead! The more time we have the better.
  • Allow the beer to settle prior to tapping or you will be pouring a lot of foam and wasting beer.
  • Keep your keg cold. Same as above.