Kendall Jackson – More than Chardonnay?

Let’s do a little free association. Mention Kendall Jackson to the five people nearest you and ask what pops into their head first. Ten bucks says a majority stated ‘Chardonnay’. It makes sense – Kendall Jackson Chardonnay is the number one sellingKendall-Jackson Vitner's Reserve Sauvignon Blanc chardonnay in the United States. But there is so. much. more. to Kendall Jackson.

Jess Jackson, founder of Kendall- Jackson, famously purchased a pear and walnut orchard in Northern California in 1974 to give wine-making a try in his downtime from being an attorney in nearby San Francisco. He started out selling his grapes to nearby vineyards, but a twist of fate resulted in him bottling the first Kendall-Jackson wine- the ’82 Vitner’s Reserve Chardonnay. While a modest success at the time, it went on to become the top Chardonnay in the country. Kendall- Jackson went on and expanded its line, including (but not limited to):

~ Sauvignon Blanc

~ Chardonnay

~ Pinot Gris

~ Muscat Canelli

~ Riesling

~ Pinot Noir

~ Merlot

~ Cabernet Sauvignon

~ Syrah

~ Cabernet Franc

~ Zinfandel

Now, three decades later, Kendall-Jackson is still a family run operation, never compromising on detail and quality.

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So with all these fabulous varietal’s in their line, why can’t Kendall Jackson  escape the shadow of its ’82 Chardonnay? Was it just that good? Does ‘Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay’ just roll off the tongue too beautifully? Can nothing they do ever eclipse the mystique of Kendall-Jackson Chardonnay? Who knows. What we do know is that if that every man, woman and child (um, if the child is of drinking age) should be out there sampling the velvety Pinot Noirs, rich Merlots and delightfully crisp Sauvignon Blancs that Kendall-Jackson has to offer. One man alone can’t make a difference, but together we can help the world realize the tremendous offerings of Kendall-Jackson.

Boy, this made me thirsty.