Largest Kosher Wine Selection in CT

Did you know that Amity Wine and Spirit, Co has the largest Kosher wine selection in all of Connecticut? For years, people have chosen Amity Wine to be their Kosher wine source for dinners, special events and holidays.

As a new student of the wine industry, I was surprised to learn that there are different levels of Kosher. I learned that Kosher wine is wine which has been blessed by a Rabbi, and which adheres to a strict code of cleanliness. Entire wineries are wiped down, and tubing replaced, prior to a blessing. The next level is Kosher for Passover. This is wine that has also been blessed, with stringent cleanliness, but in addition it does not contain any fermented grains. That means that the typical corn syrup is replaced by grape syrup. Lastly, the third level of Kosher is called Mevushal. Mevushal wines follow all of the previous Kosher guidelines, but is also Pasteurized to rid it of any impurities.

Whatever Kosher wine you’re looking for- we have it. Over one third of all Kosher wines sold in the state of Connecticut are sold at Amity Wine and Spirit, Co in New Haven CT. Our selection is unparalleled. Stop by to see what all the fuss is about. We can’t wait to see you!