Tech Update

* UPDATE 10/15/2013: You can now shop for and buy all your favorite wine and spirits online at We are keeping our blog live at with articles, news items, event announcements and informational articles. We also expect to add a nice selection of craft beers for shipping nationwide at some point in the near future as well.


It’s official!  We have launched our new shopping experience online:

Our Web Sites:

You can now enjoy shopping online at – the address where we’ve kept our company blog for a while.  Because of it’s popularity, we made sure you can also do your online shopping at the same address. (We used to have customers shop @ and learn more @

Within the next few weeks, we will continue to populate the store with our wines, and more.  Please be curious and poke around, register your account if you’re feeling adventurous, but this is not required to shop on our site!  Guests, you’re welcome to just peek around without any worry of mandatory registration!

PCI Compliance, SSL, 256-bit Encryption:

We’ve made sure the best-of-the-best services and products were blended together to ensure TOTAL privacy, ABSOLUTE security, and the VERY BEST protection for our customers.  Any sensitive information you pass to us, is encrypted, and secured.  Your payment card is never stored in any of our servers, and your privacy is our highest priority.  You can shop with complete confidence, securely, rapidly, and now mobile responsive so you can enjoy browsing and purchasing your favorite beverages from the convenience of your mobile device.

Getting Social – Woot!

We get social. There’s no argument that staff here at Amity Wines, loves to make conversation. Many of our staff members from different departments use the Official Amity Wines Facebook to inform you of Limited Availability Products, Closeouts, Sales, etc. Matter of fact, the products are typically sold out to our Facebook fans who had instant notification. Be sure to get in on this, and LIKE our Facebook Page. Promise we only post AWESOME stuff.

Pinterest is gaining momentum in the business world as a great social media platform. We’ve selected our most socially motivated employees to “PIN” all kinds of alcohol related content to our Official Amity Wines Pinterest page. Like photos? Images to pass around or Re-Pin? We got ’em.

Twitter, quite honestly, is one of our last priorities. We still make special announcements there, but our customers tend to enjoy Facebook much more, or contacting us directly with questions and comments. If there’s a huge demand for us on Twitter, you know we will re-engage that social network and keep our customers happy.

Email Campaigns:

Our emails are typically filled with great announcements, and great values, but we wanted to clean up our Email Campaign code and process.  Products will link directly to product pages where all the information, sales, and purchasing can take place. No more quick interest forms, or feedback forms to place your order.

Sales & Promotions:

Our plans to bring sales and promotions will continue. It was very important to solidify several ways to keep our customers informed. Some prefer calling, others walk in the store, and others just want a quick notification on their favorite social network. Because our industry has SO MANY PRODUCTS to feature, we needed to find the most efficient ways of bringing daily sales information to a diverse audience. We got it now.

Our Many Thanks:

Over the last several months we’ve been improving and working towards better solutions for only one reason:  You.  Thank you for your support and exceptional patience throughout this overhaul. We thank you for your suggestions, feedback, and questions. Without you not much would improve in any industry! Be on the lookout for more updates in the coming days…