Meet the Brewmaster – Andrew Cooper of The Wild Beer Company

Brewmaster Event – Wednesday March 12th, 6:30PM

Location: Amity Wine and Spirit Tasting Room, 65 Amity Rd, New Haven, CT

Brewmaster: Andrew Cooper of The Wild Beer Company, Somerset, England ( will be with us along with our own Tony Pellino, now with B. United International.

Contact Jim Boyrer at 203-397-9463 or to RSVP and reserve your seating.


Somerset SaisonSomerset Saison –
This Farmhouse Ale is a transcontinental fusion of Belgium’s eclectic beer culture and the feisty hops of North America brought to life with the aid of West Country artisanal brewing wizardry and judicious use of the US-grown Sorachi Ace hop. On the nose, the hops deliver a big splash of tropical fruit, followed by ripples of well-seasoned spiciness spreading outwards. In the mouth a tangy, bittersweet fruitiness holds sway, while tangerine oranges tap dance their way across the tongue in the finish.

With such a complex beer, it’s a no-brainer to partner it with food — how about stir-fried lemon chicken where the bright citrus notes lift the dish? Or be brave and invite the beer’s spiciness for a tango with chicken satay.

BlissBliss –
The brewers at the Wild Beer Co. love nothing better than Belgian-style saison, but with this blissful version they’ve added their own Wild interpretation of the style by adding a dash of funky Brettanomyces yeast plus roasted apricots and a hush-hush blend of spices.
All of this makes for an extraordinary beer with an array of aromas that leap out of the glass followed by a spicy, fruity, tart and peppery palate and a long lingering finish.

Bliss can be drunk fresh or left to age when it becomes drier and more complex as the Brett (the yeast, not their brewer!) gets to work in the bottle. This is the sort of beer where study and contemplation is essential, or if you’re hungry why not try it with chicken jalfrezi or lamb tagine.

50kg of roasted apricots went into the boil with more added to the fermentor as well as their blend of spices.

Iduna CruIduna Cru –
Named after ancient Greek goddess of beer, this is an equally divine Belgian-style saison with a copious amount of New Zealand hops, freshly harvested Somerset apple juice and wild yeast added to the mix. However, we like to take things just that bit further (it’s the Wild way!) — once bottled the beer undergoes a secondary fermentation with champagne yeast, giving it a brisk spritziness on the tongue. Serve chilled in a champagne flute to allow the bouquet of playfully aromatic notes to be fully appreciated. Take a sip to enjoy a further cascade of striking and sensuous flavours alongside the carefree champagne-like spritziness. The long, dry finish is both refreshing and complex.

Serve as an aperitif or alongside Westcombe’s Unpasteurised Aged Cheddar, whose deep creamy flavor and citrus aftertaste is the perfect accompaniment.

M.O. (Modus Operandi)M.O. (Modus Operandi) –
This is the beer that says who we are, a Wild beer, an untamed beast that thrives on the unpredictability of wild yeast and the subtlety and complexity of maturation in oak. Time is the final ingredient — we allow 90 days for the magic of the wild yeast and the oak to transform an old ale into a beer that is Wildly different. The aroma is complex: we guarantee you’ll find something to grab your attention.

The complexity continues on the palate, with citrus tanginess, wild yeast funkiness and woody tannins all jousting for your attention. Over time, other aromas and flavours come out to play: we suggest you buy two, one to drink now (the perfect partner to red meat and game); the other to keep. On this occasion we have filled single use Bourbon barrels with the base beer for M.O. and then added some brettanamyces.


The Wild Beer CompanyDrink Wildly Different. The Wild Beer Company.

“Our beers are brewed with a combination of ancient and new techniques, with the aim of producing a beer for people who want to discover and understand new tastes and flavours.

“Exceptional brewing stems from imagination and passion. Brewing doesn’t need to be confined by rules, tradition or ingredients. By adding a Wild 5th ingredient or process to our beers we are giving you a truly memorable drinking experience.

“Some of our beers will be aged in oak to allow the soft vanilla and rich tannins to help mature the beer, others fermented with wild yeast strains to add layers of flavour and complexity to the beer. Every Wild brew is a result of our Wild minds conceiving, creating and crafting beers that explore the boundaries of the palate.” ~ The Wild Beer Co.