Muga Rosé Wine

A rosé by any other name will taste as sweet, right? Wrong. This Muga rosé from La Rioja Spain is a special wine, seeped in history. Here’s the scoop.Muga Rioja Rose Spanish Wine

Muga Winery is in Barrio de Estación, part of the historical railway station district of Haro, located in the La Rioja district of Spain. That may seem like a mouthful (and it is)  but this rich area has produced some of Spain’s most luscious wines for centuries. Muga Winery is staying firm on its commitment to tradition, opting for centuries-old practicing over new age concepts. They are a wood-only facility- wood barrels (oak, specifically), traditional racking, the whole nine yards. This is the wine your forefathers drank, and its even more delicious than you remember.

We especially love the Rioja Rose. The aroma will first conjure up tart fruit- pineapple, unripe peaches and and passion fruit. In the background- white blossom flowers. You’ll taste only slightly sweet chewy fruit on the first sip, then apples. The finish is beautifully dry.

Taste the history. Smell the tradition. Feel the love that goes into each and every bottle of Muga wine. Grab that special someone and share a bottle today- you won’t regret it.