More New Beer At Amity Wines

aws_beermug This is Kevan the Beer Guy at Amity in New Haven here to update you on some of the new and exciting beers we have started carrying.

New Albion Ale 6pks, 6% abv- Viewed by many as one of the first craft beers, New Albion was first brewed in 1976.  Sadly the beer hasn’t been brewed in over 30 years, but thanks to Sam Adams the original recipe has been resurrected and is now being brewed again.

Blue Point Sour Cherry Imperial Stout 22oz, 9.2% abv- A smooth, easy drinking stout with hints of cherry, chocolate, and some coffee flavors.  Very dark and not overpowered by the cherries.

Kona Koko Brown Toasted Coconut Ale 6pk, 5.5% abv- Brewed with real toasted coconut, this ale has a beautiful amber color and hints of toffee and roasted malts.  Available for a limted time only.

Thomas Hooker “Connecticut Barrel Series” Saison 25.4oz, 7.1% abv- Is a belgian style ale that is aged in wine barrels.  Made with hops grown in CT and aged in wine barrels from wine made in CT, this is a Connecticut beer lovers dream.  Bottles are hand numbered to ensure quality.

Heavy Seas Black IPA 6pk, 7.25% abv- An opaque black beer with lots of coffee, dark chocolate, roasted malts, and lots of hoppiness.  Almost tastes as if an IPA and a Porter had an offspring.

Redd’s Apple Ale 6pk, 5% abv- A very sweet ale with notes of granny smith and golden delicious apples with nutmeg and cinnamon flavors.  It tastes like a cider at first, and finishes like a light beer.  Not overly hoppy or malty.

Gueuze Tilquin 750ml, 6% abv- A spontaneous fermentation beer, crafted by mixing 1, 2, and 3 year old lambics from breweries like Boon, Lindemans, Girardin and Cantillon.  It is unfiltered and bottle fermented for over 6 months, and has hints of everything from apples to lemons to some peppery spice.  Check out the reviews and ratings over at and see for yourself, this is a beauty.

All of this, and new seasonal offerings from Magic Hat, Shock Top, Blue Moon, Sam Adams, and Sierra Nevada!  Stop in today and say hi and give one a whirl.