Skinnygirl – Breaking the Mold

Ladies- our fantasies have come true, and we owe it all to Bethenny Frankel. Let’s all take a moment to send her a silent “Thank You.” Because of Ms. Frankel, we can now enjoy ready to drink cocktails, flavored vodkas and even wine (!) with zero guilt. This full range of products opens up a whole new world to us ‘skinnygirls’- whether we already are or long to be one.

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Here’s how the calories break down:

Vodka with Natural Flavors: 75.8cal/1.5oz serving

Skinny Girl Vodka with Natural Flavors Tangerine

Cocktails: 35.5cal/1.5oz serving

Skinnygirl Piña Colada Ready to Drink Cocktail

Sangria: 132cal/5oz serving

Skinnygirl Sangria Ready to Drink Cocktail

Wine: 100cal/5oz serving

Skinnygirl red white and rose wines

I can’t think of a much better way to budget my daily calories than by including a little Skinnygirl, can you?