Super Bowl XLVII Beverage Wins

It’s almost here, that magic time of the year where sports gladiators battle for the big win, while we all watch in awe, most of us intoxicated and anticipating the next round of fiesta style finger-foods, and the all important Super Bowl Commercials. The most expensive advertisements will also battle for our attention, our laughter, and our ability to make these things go viral the next day when we all call in sick to work.

Because we love our customers, we refuse to insult by offering only beer during Super Bowl XLVII, so we’ve come up with a beverage playbook that will ensure your celebration(s) are entertaining, delicious and successful. Amity Wine & Spirit, Co. recommends celebrating safely at home, or with friends / family. Save time, save money by getting your party supplies now before the big game… No matter where you go, be sure to lock down a designated driver.


The beer guys couldn’t narrow it down to just a few recommendations for Pre Game (basically the entire day, up until the Super Bowl actually starts in the early evening), so we will simply suggest you stop in the store to see our massive selection of beer, craft beers, specialty beers, limited production beers, seasonal beers, and even some interesting new ones to choose from. There’s always 23oz sippers to try and enjoy, including amazing closeout pricing on craft brews, and other pricing specials for your favorites. Final Word: Too many choices for pre-game, so go with your instinct. Grab the first few that captivate your attention.

aws_book_reading_superbowl1Definitely Not Watching The Super Bowl?

That’s perfectly alright with us, because we know what to do with all the extra time you’ll save. Have you tried a fruit beer? A wonderful sipper for the wide selection of foods and platters available during Super Bowl celebrations.

Lindeman’s Lambic – (all flavors) – 750ml – $10.49 – The most traditional of the fruit lambics are kriek (cherry) and framboise (raspberry). In modern times, peaches (peche), blackcurrants (cassis), grapes, as well as more exotic fruits are used. More commonly, lambics are sweetened to cut the intense acidity.

super_bowl_punchParty Punch Bowl

There is a good chance someone just isn’t into the big game. That’s perfectly okay, because you have a delicious beverage concoction for all the non-fans of football. Don’t worry, we all have at least 1 in the group and they should be enjoying themselves too … because of your punch. Here’s a simple and easy to make recipe for the perfect Super Bowl XLVII Party Punch that hopefully suits everyone on the planet. *shrug*

  • 1 quart Cranberry Juice
  • 1 quart Ginger Ale
  • 8 Oz of Dark Rum (Myers Rum – Original Dark – $21.99)
  • Pineapple Chunks

Mix the first 3 ingredients; serve over ice in a punch bowl. Garnish with pineapple chunks. Serves about 12. (Nutrition – 119 calories, 0 grams fat, 19 grams carbohydrates, 0 grams protein per serving)

aws_beer_mugs1Beer For Your Mouth

Amity Wine & Spirit, Co. already made preparations for your Super Bowl event. Not only do we have just about every beer available in Connecticut, but we have reduced prices on many products. You obviously have many options especially for this humble article but some of the top favorites are:

  • Bud / Bud Light – 24 Pack cans / bottles – $17.99
  • Bud / Bud Light – 30 Pack cans / bottles – $21.99
  • Beaver 6 Packs – (all types) – $6.99
  • Beaver 12 Packs (Menage a Trois Sampler) – $12.99
  • Budweiser Project 12 (Deep Amber, Deep Gold, Light Amber) – 12 Pack Bottles – $11.49
  • Narragansett Tall Boy Flight – 12 Pack – $14.99
  • Budweiser Black Crown (winner of Project 12) – 12 Packs – $12.99
  • All your personal favorites available also…

aws_wine_red_white_glass1Not Into Beer, Huh?

With the game foods available during the weekend, our wine guru’s came up with a few great selections that are positively going to be delicious with any type of food you’re having. This is a perfect wine sipper to enjoy pre-game, post-game, during the game, ignoring the game, kitchen area, living room area, escape with a great book and avoid the sports madness type of wine…

  • 2011 Saint M Reisling$11.99 – The 2011 St. M Riesling is bright, with the delicate peach aroma and stony minerality that is typical of the weathered sandstone soils found in the Pfalz region. It is a medium-bodied, off-dry Riesling with a fine fruitiness that lingers lovingly on the palate and then fades gently into a medium-long, dry-tasting finish. A charming and versatile Riesling from an excellent, extremely satisfying vintage.
  • L.A. Cetto – $9.99 – L.A. Cetto offers a Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, and a Petite Sirah. Dark, deep ruby colored with an intense bouquet and flavor of black cherries, black pepper, cinnamon, plums, vanilla and toasted oak. Full-bodied with a good fruit-acid balance, light tannins and a clean finish and aftertaste.

aws_champagne_gold_bottle1Your Team Won! or Your Team Totally Blew It!

Either way, the game is over, and it’s a perfect time to recap, discuss how to bail out of work the next day, or share laughs from the onslaught of entertaining commercials with Champagne! You really can’t go wrong, and whether your team won or lost, it’s the perfect way to end an evening. It’s even pre-wrapped in Gold packaging so you can’t miss it.

  • L’or Brut – Chardonnay de France – $17.99 – We have so many champagnes and sparkling wines to offer, just know that after the game, you’ll want to celebrate the win or loss, with something bubbly. Here’s our recommendation for post-game fun, but there’s plenty to choose from.