Weekly Wine Deals & Steals

There’s no big secret that Monday’s aren’t the most pleasant day of the week.  To be completely honest, we would love the opportunity to make them ROCK.  Since we can’t exactly pay your mortgage we all agreed on the next-best-thing.  An early week that sets the pace by turning Monday frowns upside down.  Who doesn’t love lower prices?

Weekly Wine Deals & Steals could potentially bring that smile to your face.  For our debut week we featured 10 (ten!) amazing wines at a discounted price for Monday and Tuesday (some folks have seriously rotten Monday’s so we added another day).  These are drastically reduced wine prices on select products for two days (2), every week (every), and it comes from DIRECT ORDERS FROM THE BOSS.   Yes Sir!

In case you missed our debut, we will EMBELLISH this article with a gorgeous snapshot of the email we sent out.