Wine Club


Let us know you’re interested, and we will make contact with you to collect the details!

Our customers have spoken, and we are listening.  Some have asked, “Don’t you have a wine club?” and “Just choose a few wines, and I’ll pick them up” – just a few examples of what we hear often.  Well, we do have a wine club, and it’s easy to get involved.  Here’s the information:

Why Join a Wine Club?

At Amity, we have grown our reputation in the wine business by providing new and exciting wines to our customers for over 40 years, while always providing the staples you all know and love.

By joining our wine club we will continue that tradition by introducing as many new and exciting wines from around the world, every month, 3 bottles at a time.  Let our professional staff of resident ‘wine geeks’ take the hassle out of it for you.  We taste 20-25 new wines a month, and of those we set aside the best wines, best values, and best overall experience.   Being a member of the “Amity Wines Inside Track” wine club, will allow you to discover and enjoy those special wines in a hassle-free way.  The wine world can be overwhelming, but not any more.

How Are We Different From Other Wine Clubs?

We have checked into all the other wine clubs available to explore how Amity Wine & Spirit, Co. could offer the greatest value, and separate our club from the rest.  We found that most had lost sight of the wine, by offering fancy packaging, free shipping and other ‘perks’ not relevant to the wine.   With the Amity Wines Inside Track, you will receive 3 wonderful bottles of wine, simple packaged, with tasting notes, ratings if applicable, and food pairing inspiration.  The wines will be conveniently ready for you to pick up at our store on the second-Tuesday of each month.   That’s 3 bottles actually worth the price of membership, and the great experience part is free.

Interested in Signing up? Just give us a call at 866-406-WINE (9463) and let us know you’re interested.

Again, What Do I Get?

  • 3 Extraordinary Wines every month for only $50.00 (2 reds, 1 white)
  • No hassles. No worries.
  • We keep in touch so you don’t have to.
  • Cancel anytime.
  • Pick up in store, 2nd Tuesday each month.
  • Information and Tasting Notes for each wine.
  • Food Pairing inspirations.

How To Get Started?

  1. Fill out our Contact Us form, or simply call 1.866.406.9463
  2. We bill our customers once a month, no fees, just the same $50.00
  3. We will contact you the moment your wines are ready for pickup.
  4. You ENJOY!
  5. Let us know what you think – the best tasting notes come from YOU!

Please Note:  We are happy you are interested in joining our Wine Club we affectionately call the “Amity Wines Inside Track”.  Did you know that shipping alcohol requires a signature of a person 21+ or delivery is refused.  We have currently opted for IN-STORE-PICKUP, to ensure the wines are handed to you, and are received in great health.  We do understand interested members would prefer shipping – please talk with us.